Sunday, 25 October 2009

Well been to the Breed Council meeting not much blood letting,unfortunately we spend time as usual going around old ground,because the delegates change and vary often different people are unaware of previous history on various subjects,it seems we are always regurgitating old subjects.I think I had little patience today I got cross a few times .I am gutted I have lost my two most experienced bulldoggers from the health committee but besides being disillusioned about the standard one has retired from all Bulldog and the other has had enough, being on committees is thankless we have such an important but delicate role in health issues .
The sales of the Health Certificate are growing each month we must be reaching someone out there .....but they dont magic them selves there...everyone is processed by me, paypal and walk to the post office with them,every week I answer numerous calls as a help line .................
It seems I can put links to videos of active bulldogs on the website I do for the breed council I havent done this as I thought I had to show them what I was putting on as its been hammered into me not to put anything on the site without the council approving it this space someone is bound to object to something I put on there ....well thats a rant !
I'm off to Cornwall tomorrow on the train to see my children and some of myolder grandchildren its going to be an adventure as I am going to London Kings Cross then tube then Paddington to St Austell .with rather big suitcase and a lap top .........its the same price as petrol would be and less time than driving , but we shall see how stressful it turns out to be .I will miss the dogs ...but will see Posy who James has ,shes on my website the white girl .

Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Trying to update my web authoring programme but finding the new one really difficult and now spent 2 days struggling with it with no progress .
Took Joni to the training class and she loved the people just doesnt want to walk .....

Friday, 9 October 2009

UK's Caring Council/NHS for sufferers with Dementia

We have had an ongoing battle with the NHS and social services about our Mums care, we have a specialist firm of solicitors dealing with it,however today after spending most of yesterday unconcious my 80 year old mother with severe dementia that means she doesnt even recognize me sometimes and cannot speak, walk or feed herself has been served an eviction order ,yes after 28 days she will be evicted from the nursing home ..............we are definately heading for the News at Ten or somewhere ...........surley no court can allow the serving of any legal document on my mother to be upheld ? myself and my sister yes we have power of attorney but my poor 6stone mother on a good day ............its UNbelievable .....................we are all in shock

Sunday, 4 October 2009

Dog Shows

We went to a show yesterday at the East Midland Bulldog Club,we took Artemus and Mavis both got 2nd ,and the line up at the end contained 2 Preston sired bitches .
Chris Bradshaw judged and I thought he did a very good fair job,it was the first show under the new standard.He also gave first place to 2 Preston daughters and Vicky Coles Whitecole Elegant Miss went best bitch and best opposite sex ........congratulations and also to Spalfords Baileys over Ice.
There are 3 litters of puppies from our dogs out there at the moment ,check out the puppies for sale page .

Friday, 2 October 2009

I personally am quite sad about the way our presentation was treated by the Kennel Club I rather wish the original standard was kept but with strict instructions to Judges not to pick OVER EXAGGERATED DOGS , dogs too fat or not sound . If they were not included in the top honours this would achieve what the Kennel Club are trying to get did not need drastic standard changes. Our Standard is the oldest in dog dom, in the world ,we are now just like all the other breeds.
The bulldog has a priviliged position its the National breed and as such has always got a place in the hearts of the British people admired throughout the world,to mess with history is not a thing to be proud of.
When I was 18 months old my Mamma and Grandpa had a brindle bulldog bitch,very like my Reverie .........when I was 10 my dad bought Lady Churchill and we bred Patsy ,they lived in harmony to an old age and when I could afford a bulldog I bought my own now about 18 years ago from Norman Davis, Ocobo Roseanna[Cassie]I love this breed and want my granchildren to be able to own one too .James my son has Posy .......Bulldogs are a family thing .. and I am very dissapointed with the Kennel Club and its new standard

Florida was wonderful the hospitality of the clubs was wonderful,I loved my winning dogs ,enjoyed visiting with Doris Boyd ,Mike Brunk and Mary ,Jan Lewis and had a great time with Sam and Debbie ..............
thank you all

Hi, This is a photo of my co owned Champion in the USA with my friend Carol in the background taken in Chicago 2007..............judged the Sweepstakes there ,it was a great experience and stood me in good stead for the latest judging I just did in September 2009 in Florida !!!
Lucky Me !